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The cycloid reducer of use

Cycloid reducer in accordance with small teeth difference planetary transmission principle, the cycloidal gear meshing adeceleration cycloidal reducer mechanical. The aircraft sub-horizontal, vertical, axis type and Direct-assembly is the device of choice for metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, textile, light industry and other industries.
Cycloid reducer main features:
   1, a large reduction ratio, high efficiency: a reduction gear ratio of 9 to 87, two-stage reduction gear ratio of 121 to 5133, up totens of thousands of multi-level combination, and the the needle meshing Department of nested rolling friction mating surface without relative sliding, a reduction efficiency of 94%.
   2, smooth operation, low noise: in operation at the same time contact with teeth on the number of coincidence degree,smooth operation, overload, low vibration and noise, all kinds of noise models.
   3, the use of reliable, long life: as main parts are high carbon alloy steel quenching process (HRC58-62), then grinded with refined, and the cycloidal teeth and needle sets of teeth meshing passed to the formation of needle teeth pay rolling friction, friction coefficient is small, so that no relative sliding of the meshing zone, minimal wear and tear, so durable.
   4, compact structure, small size: compared with the same power reducer, more than 1/3 of the weight of small size, theplanetary transmission input shaft and output shaft on the same axis, in order to obtain the smallest possible size.